The Last Enemy

Agents of Influence | Book One
The Last Enemy
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The Last Enemy - Reviews

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The Blogger Girls

Simply brilliant story telling. I was first taken in by the cover, intrigued by the blurb, then blown away by the story. There are so many things I loved about this book, but what stands out the most is the realism. This book is brutal, violent and unapologetic...

Reviews and Scattered Thoughts on Books

I found it to be an amazingly complex, action-packed, and gritty drama. When I finished the story and read the author notes about his fascination with Doctor Zhivago and Lawrence of Arabia, I instantly recalled having the same feelings he described as I sat in the theater watching those big screen movies for the first time...

Gay Book Review

The author takes us through the crime world of Egypt in vivid detail. A lot of nefarious characters are introduced, many of whom are against Monk but a few are loyal to his cause too. The action sequences in this read were quite brutal and it was just as it should be in an unstable, divided country like Egypt...
Boy Meets Boy Reviews

Boy Meets Boy

If you’re like me and suspense thrillers kick up your heart rate and flood your bloodstream with adrenaline, or if you’re the sort of person that’ll watch 13 Hours twice back to back (True story.), this is a book for you...

The Novel Approach Reviews

I enjoyed how current issues were being addressed. This isn’t a Cold War spy novel, and though the style is reminiscent of old, it’s not noir or campy by any stretch of the imagination....
Joyfully Jay Reviews

Joyfully Jay Reviews

The Last Enemy is an engaging suspense story from Christian Beck. The plot is twisty and nicely developed, without being too convoluted. It has a lot of turns and double crosses and takes things in all kinds of directions that I didn’t anticipate with the case. ...
MM Good Book Reviews

MM Good Book Reviews

The storyline is strong; it keeps you gripped as it drags you along after Monk, dodging bodies, bombs, gunfire and traitors....